Expand your offers to gain the loyalty of your customers and increase your margins!

Optimise your attachment rates thanks to insurance offers that are geared to each product and are useful and easy to understand for your customers.

Your products

Your products

White, brown, grey goods (domestic appliances, televisions, PCs, games consoles, etc.)
Furniture and bedding
Clothing (clothes, shoes, jewellery, watches, accessories, etc.)
Smartphones, tablets
DIY and gardening tools
Sports equipment

Our guarantees

Breakage (damage, degradation, rusting, etc.)
Fraudulent use
Sizing or assembly error
Stain, burn and tear

“We adapt to all your products to offer you extended warranties and service and/or insured offers. In addition, thanks to our omnichannel marketing approach and 360° customer experience system, you can multiply the presentation of your convenience proposals at every stage of your customer lifecycle.”

Luc Le Moine
Managing Director SPB Benelux

Our expertise

Embedded insurance


Innovative technologies


Customer experience


Regulatory compliance


Omnichannel distribution


Why did they choose SPB?

"SPB, with whom we have been working for many years, has offered us an extremely well-rounded marketing plan around warranty extensions that are very easy to understand. We have implemented approaches adapted to each stage of the "customer moment" that have made it possible to develop sales while preserving the customer's interest. We were able to multiply the presentation points (purchase, post-purchase, disaster, retention...) thanks to trigger marketing campaigns, rebound sales, upselling and cross-selling. Result: the attachment rate is much better! SPB has always been able to offer us insurance offers that were not only in line with our products, but also integrated into our customers' purchasing processes. Thanks to an agile project team and a spirit of innovation, our products are continuously improving."

Testimonial from a retailer