SPB Benelux, specialist in lifestyle insurance and services

Keeping an eye on consumer trends, SPB creates and manages innovative insurance cover and services that are both used and uncomplicated, embedded in the process for purchasing products.

SPB Benelux designs and manages insurance and assistance offers for daily products and services (banking, telecom, distribution, mobility, travel, energy, health equipment). SPB Benelux caters to companies (design of white label offers) as well as individuals (claims management), in Benelux. Its 60 employees are mobilized every day around 3 values: innovation, excellence and integrity.
SPB Benelux is a subsidiary of the SPB Group, a French family-owned company founded in 1965, European leader in lifestyle insurance and services.

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Jean-Marie Guian

Chairman SPB

Romain Daufouy

Executive Vice President International Units

Luc Le Moine

General Manager SPB Benelux

Annemie Anthoons

Operations Director SPB Benelux

Nico Vancauwenberghe

Director, Application And Information Management

Our history

2005 – Eddy Staal founds CAP Protection in Brussels

2009 – Opening of SPB Belgium

2010 – CAP Protection launches insurance activities in the telecom sector

2014 – Acquisition of Cap Protection by SPB who becomes SPB Benelux

2018 – Luc Le Moine appointed as Managing Director of SPB Benelux


With 60 employees,
SPB is distinguished by its values of innovation, excellence and integrity.