Customer experience

We make customer satisfaction a real priority in rolling out and managing insurance programmes.

SPB stands out for its marketing expertise and customer experience. We make it a major point in the rollout and management of our programmes.


Satisfying your customers is our priority

We design and develop customer processes geared to the habits of your customers: mobile first, mobile applications, insured spaces, electronic signature, chatbot, etc. Our managers are at their disposal. A happy customer, whose requirements are met simply and quickly, and who enters into dialogue with our manager via the channels of his/her choice (telephone, e-mail, text message, chat, etc.) will be all the more loyal to your brand.


We measure the satisfaction of your customers using tracking indicators (Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort Score, Customer satisfaction). Collecting and analysing quantitative and qualitative information, as well as running targeted surveys enable us to continue improving the customer experience across all channels of interaction with policyholders. The process test (Customer Journey Mapping, mystery customer) enables us to identify best practices and create high, effective standards.

Constantly improving the customer experience


Enhancing the readability and understanding of warranties

The quality of the customer experience is one of the crucial factors in implementing embedded insurance. Based on user feedback and developments to technology, we enable you to evolve the products offered to increase customer satisfaction. Our insurance expertise enables us to improve the readability and understanding of warranties so that we can make them easier to understand, which enhances the customer experience.